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Tiago M.

Business Planning Expert & Silver Service Manager

Tiago M.

Raj S.

Fundraising Expert

Raj S.

Clare E.

Time Management Expert

Clare E.

Patrick M.

Digital Marketing Expert

Patrick M.

Amanda S.

Personal Assistance Expert

Amanda S.

Geraldine S.

Copywriting Expert

Geraldine S.

Christina L.

Design Expert

Christina L.

Radan V.

Development Expert

Radan V.

  • cleaning
  • gardening
  • handymen
  • trip planning
  • babysitters
  • Admin
  • marketing/SEO
  • Bookkeeping
  • development
  • design
Events & Ticket
  • Planners
  • ushers
  • bartenders
  • cleaners
  • promoters
  • languages
  • business skills
  • personal fitness
  • cooking
  • general knowledge
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How it works

Subscribe to Sooqini Bronze, Silver, Gold or Bespoke according to your needs. Switch any time.

Get in touch with your Sooqini Silver PA with the details of your tasks.

Remote tasks are completed by our PAs + online experts using task credits. In-person tasks are assigned to handpicked experts from our 18,000+ trusted community, always at your budget and on your terms.

When you’re happy with the job done, task credits are used to pay your PA/experts and your agreed fee is paid for services. Explain.

How task credits are being used...

Launching a business
  • Business planning
  • Finding cheaper suppliers
  • Development
  • Logo & site design
  • Research & Testing
Growing a
  • Marketing & PR
  • SEO
  • Admin & Secretarial
  • Sales & Affiliate Marketing
  • Accounting
Relocating / Home help
  • Finding properties
  • Cleaning
  • Handymen work
  • Change of address paperwork
  • Collecting supplier quotes
Events / Wedding help
  • Venue finding
  • Entertainment
  • Florists
  • Greeting cards
  • Logistical planning

Remote tasks completed by our PAs/experts use up 1 credit per 20 min of work. In-person tasks completed by our local providers use up 1 credit + service fee at your budget. (Special projects like website development would be completed at your budget.)

What our PAs/Online experts can do for you...

  • Book my hairdresser appointment (1 credit)
  • Book theatre tickets (1 credit)
  • Plan my next trip to my budget (2 credits)
  • Find and deliver a lovely gift for my friend (1 credit)
  • Put me on the list of a top Mayfair nightclub (1 credit)
  • Rent out my parking space (2 credits)
  • Find cheaper quotes for IT equipment / developers (2 credits)
  • Collect 10 sales contacts (2 credits)
  • Perform a thorough research on new products (3 credits)
  • Data entry work on a spreadsheet (5 credits)
  • Cold calling for my business (3 credits)
  • Write a new blog post (2 credits)
  • Manage my social media accounts and SEO (10 credits)
1 task credit approximates 20 minutes work on an online/remote task.

What our Local Experts can do for you…

  • Book a cleaner for a 3-hour job (£30 + 1 credit)
  • Take photos of all my unwanted stuff and list them on eBay (£30 + 1 credit)
  • Handyman to fix my shelves (£80 + 1 credit)
  • Maths tutor for my son for a 2-hour session (£30 + 1 credit)
  • CRB-checked nanny to work part-time (£200 + 1 credit)
  • Tidy up my garden (£40 + 1 credit)
  • Scan 100 business cards and upload my contacts to my Phone (£20 + 1 credits)
  • Accountant to regularly handle my company accounts (£100 + 1 credit)
  • Distribute 1,000 flyers to promote my business (£30 + 1 credit)
  • Process all my receipts (£20 + 1 credit)
  • Bartender for a local event (£50 + 1 credit)
  • Optimise my computer (£40 + 1 credit)
  • Create a new store sign (£250 + 1 credit)
1 task credit is used to book a trusted local expert by our PAs.

Choose your monthly tariff subscription depending
on how many tasks you want handled by us:


£1 per day

(100 min or up to 5 local jobs booked)

£2 per day

(200 min or up to 10 local jobs booked)

£4 per day

(400 min or up to 20 local jobs booked)
(Part or Full Time)
Get Started

You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade at anytime. You can share your unused task credits with anyone. All prices include VAT.

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Sooqini is the UK's safe place to get stuff done. Our team of experienced PAs and community of 18,000+ local people are available to get any tasks and errands done at your price.

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We are a funded business led by an experienced team and supported by the UKTI.

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Tiago M.

Business Planning Expert & Silver Service Manager
Tiago M.

With over ten years of experience, Tiago is a business development and planning extraordinaire. He has a background of diligent work on thousands of business plans whilst working for top investment banks, as well as running a mini-concierge in Singapore. More recently, Tiago has held managerial roles for three startups, one of which being Sooqini which he considers his baby.

Besides this, Tiago is enthusiastic about mentoring fantastic entrepreneurs who have been rewarded with Startup Loans whilst also being a judge of the UKTI-backed Sirius Incubation Programme. In his spare time, if he ever gets any, he enjoys painting and sculpting.

He holds an MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France as well as a BSc in Finance from The Wharton School, USA.

Tiago is proud to manage the Sooqini Silver Service team and is happy to get to know you personally to find out how Sooqini can help you.

Raj S.

Fundraising Expert
Raj S.

Boasting over 25 years of experience in finance and information technology, Raj is a successful technology entrepreneur and investor.

With experience as a General Partner, Co-founder and also as a Principal, Raj has been responsible for fundraising, sourcing, negotiating and closing new investments in technology-led startups for over nine years in a variety of ways. In this way, Raj has participated in the raising of funds worth of $500m. Further to this Raj was part of securing more than $70m of investments in portfolio companies. Raj is also proud to have been an M&A Advisor, offering insights and intelligence on mergers and acquisitions activity.

Raj holds an MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France as well as a BSc (Hons.) in Computing Science from Imperial College, London.

Clare E.

Time Management Expert
Clare E.

As the author of “Time Management for Dummies”, it is clear that Clare knows what she is talking about. In fact, she is the country’s leading time management expert specialising in online time management and leadership development.

Clare has a focus on a ‘whole person’ approach, utilising both business and personal coaching techniques to support, challenge and motivate her clients, whether this is an individual or whole organisation.

Clare can assist with time management and coaching for those who want to reduce their stress, improve their time management and organisational skills, change career and improve their business and personal balance.

Patrick M.

Digital Marketing Expert
Patrick M.

Patrick is an award-winning marketer who approaches situations with 15 years of extensive experience in sales, marketing and business development. Patrick’s first taste of marketing came after university as he won a place at the renowned Phillips graduate scheme. After proving himself at Phillips, Patrick was headhunted to join the marketing team at Autonomy.

After Autonomy’s final IPO, Patrick teamed up with some former colleagues to start a software company which was later successfully sold. This led to Patrick beginning work as a marketing consultant for other start-ups, using the skills he had gained, leading to the formation of his own digital marketing and business development support service company, Marketing Ammo.

Amanda S.

Personal Assistance Expert
Amanda S.

After finding at a young age that her dream of becoming a Forensic Scientist wasn’t going to work if she was no good at Biology, Amanda set her sights on becoming a P.A. After building up her knowledge base and climbing the corporate ladder of Executive P.A.’s into office management, Amanda fell pregnant and took some time to spend with her daughter before returning to her 9-5.

After working with many companies that will promise the world but treat you as a commodity, Amanda was pleased to find the work at Sooqini enjoyable and varied, where she feels like a valued member of the team. Amanda now feels as if she has to work/life balance she needs, which is what Sooqini could help you achieve too.

Geraldine S.

Copywriting Expert
Geraldine S.

Geraldine is an experienced copywriter for newspapers, businesses and on social media, she has an eye for detail and is committed to getting things finished - she hates to leave a job half done!

With a degree in Politics from the University of East Anglia, and also as Editor-in-Chief of Concrete - the UEA’s Official Student Newspaper, Geraldine has developed a very high level of written work, which is consistently achieved by the deadline in an accurate manner.

She regularly takes commissions as a freelance journalist and copywriter, most recently for The Metropolist, Exploration and Shout Out UK. Although she has a particular interest in cultural politics, mass media and travel, Geraldine can turn her hand to any topic with an efficient method of research and high level of understanding.

Her personal portfolio can be found at geraldinescott.contently.com

Christina L.

Design Expert
Christina L.

Christina is a talented graphic designer who has eight years of marketing experience within the arts, media, creative and publishing sectors. She can turn her hand to designing dynamic posters, leaflets, logos and much more and has fun doing so.

With an attentive eye for shapes and colours, Christina refuses to miss an opportunity to learn different ways to express new techniques in her work and continue to develop her expertise.

You can see some of her work here: crislima.com

Radan V.

Development Expert
Radan V.

Radan considers himself an online veteran, as he was increasingly making use of the early internet as he achieved a diploma in Animation and Post Production in Visual Media in 1999. In fact, the first website that he built was used for a short graduation movie.

During his studies at Ostrava University and Jönköping University Radan systematically selected projects to develop in Drupal and Joomla, then finally settling on Wordpress as the most suitable platform for small and medium enterprises. This was combined with graphic design work, which highlights Radan’s background in the visual.

Among the tools of his trade Radan favours Notepad++ whilst keeping up to date with the User Experience trend. Whilst he wouldn’t call himself a coder, Radan knows his way around PHP and Javascript; recently he has implemented an early version of Smartsheet API into the backend of the Rilience Assist website, which has resulted in the seamless feeding of the two-step newsletter sign up data into a spreadsheet.

With a strong attention to detail and big-picture lateral thinking, Radan is keen to start marking out the middle ground with clients and start building towards solutions.


Louise is an accomplished and creative photographer, with many years of professional experience behind her. Having photographed everything from weddings, properties and events at exclusive central London clubs (and everything in between), Louise can turn her hand to any project.

For examples of her work, Louise’s professional portfolio can be found at louisehelencarey.com

Specialist/Local tasks

These are tasks that typically involve booking people to do work in-person or managing "projects". Some examples:

  • Book a trusted cleaner for 3 hours
  • Organise my 300 business cards and upload the contacts to Outlook
  • Hire bartenders, ushers, promoters for an event
  • Hire 5 flyer distributors to promote my business
  • Hire an accountant with experience in corporation tax
  • Find a web developer to develop a quick prototype in wordpress
  • Find a certified, skilled tradesmen to fix my boiler
  • Get someone to clean out my attic
  • Design a weight-loss plan for me

Virtual tasks

These are quick tasks that can be done remotely by our team of experienced PAs in up to 20 minutes:

  • Book an appointment
  • Book tickets for tonight
  • Find out who is the cheapest local supplier
  • Find out who are my top influencers on Twitter
  • Send out daily messages through my social media accounts
  • Pick a printer to my specifications and order it for me
  • Find a gift for my friend and have it delivered for me
  • Call local florists and see if they can supply the roses I want for my wedding
  • Manage my schedule so I can free up some time
  • Design an itinerary for my trip

Exclusive Night Club Access

With Sooqini you get access and free entry to London's best clubs, as well as the best deal on table bookings and guests. We work with exclusive clubs like:

  • Project London
  • Boujis
  • Jalouse
  • Ruski's
  • Bodo's Schloss
and many more * 3 month minimum

Example: Your Sooqini Silver PA arranged:

  • 2 remote tasks: 1) for your Twitter account to be maintained by a Social Media Marketer 1hr/day, and your family theatre tickets at the Globe (20 min). 1 task credit = 20 min of work, 4 task credits are used.
  • 2 in-person tasks: booked a cleaner (1 task credit) for £25 and plumber for £100 (1 task credit).

Your PA takes a total payment of 6 task credits + £125.

How much of a load do you want to take off your plate?

  • Bronze
    about £1 PER DAY
  • Silver
    about £2 PER DAY
  • Gold
    about £4 PER DAY
  • Black

All prices include VAT

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