Welcome to our Corporate Concierge Service

We are not your typical, everyday corporate concierge. We are proud to be special:

  • We handle any to do's you have, at your budget and on your terms
  • We provide much more than PA support: you can outsource most business needs to us
  • You can outsource your own personal errands to us, and increase your productivity
  • We crowdsource tasks to 20,000 local, vetted suppliers to get the best deal, saving you time and money
  • Your staff can take out individual subscriptions so they have their own PA
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We don't just handle your diary...

Need someone to organise your business cards and upload them to Outlook? Want a pro to manage your social media accounts? Want to learn Francais? Or want someone to sort out your dry cleaning? Tell us what you need, at your price, and our team will sort out all of your everyday stuff:

  • cleaning
  • gardening
  • handymen
  • trip planning
  • babysitters
  • Admin
  • marketing
  • book keeping
  • development
  • design
Events & Ticket
  • planning
  • ushers
  • bartenders
  • cleaners
  • promoters
  • languages
  • business skills
  • personal fitness
  • cooking
  • general knowledge

and many more...

Subscribe to your preferred task tariffs for the office and/or team members. More tasks managed by us = More time you save.

Either email or call your Sooqini Silver Service Assistant with all the task details

Mini tasks are free, as part of our subscription. Larger tasks are assigned to handpick, skilled people from our trusted community, always at your price and terms.

When you're happy and the job is done, one task credit is used, and we take payment.

What clients are asking for

At Work

  • Organise and digitise my 300+ business cards.
  • Hire a book keeper for me to handle my accounts.
  • Get 5 people to test my website or product.
  • Get 4 people to distribute 500 flyers for me near tube stations
  • Get catering for the team
  • Get a batch of letters delivered quickly


  • Book a table for 4 at The Wolseley for dinner tomorrow.
  • Arrange Nando’s catering for our team. Stick to the usual budget and order multiple side dishes.


  • Purchase and deliver the cheapest book for me in Amazon which has adequate quality.
  • Find out if there are any cinema tickets available for Friday afternoon.
  • Find out which are my top influencers on Twitter.
  • I want to buy a new printer. Please recommend which is the best value for money.

At Home

  • Hire a trusted cleaner to come regularly to my place.
  • Get someone to clean out our rubbish in the basement.
  • Get a handyman to assemble my IKEA bookcase.


  • Call local florists and see if they can supply the roses I want for my wedding.
  • Find out if my preferred wedding photographer is available for our wedding dates.
  • Call all my preferred suppliers and arrange dates for them to visit us.


  • Call my mobile operator and change plan to save money.
  • Find a gift for my Dad’s birthday and deliver it to the office.
  • Make an appointment with my hairdresser.
  • Find out what is the cheapest flight and rental car service in Paris.
  • Tell me what is the cheapest broadband plan in my area.

Choose your monthly tariff subscription depending
on how many tasks you want handled by us:


£2 per day






What customers are saying:

Ryan S:

(CEO, Merj)


"Sooqini manages all my tasks I don't have time for."

Rickie J:

(CEO, Crafty Skills)


"Sooqini is great because I get my tasks done promptly and professionally. (plus they come up with great ideas to help grow my business!)"

Marie T:

(Freelance Photographer)


"Great for businesses to save money and focus on the more important stuff."

"Will distributed by flyers with great charisma." (Flyer distribution)
"Bonnie transcribed my audio files with perfection." (Admin)
"Jodie was able to get more Likes and save me money." (Marketing)
"Nadia found the contacts I needed super quickly." (Admin)

Why use us and not a traditional virtual assistant or concierge service?

You Get More

  • We don't just do office work - we sort out your everyday needs
  • We offer lifestyle, business, knowledge and event services
  • We have direct access to 20,000 trusted suppliers to assist you
  • Access to a team of personal assistants, not just one

Economic Benefits

  • Straightforward, cost-effective subscription
  • Each task is done at your budget
  • No ongoing salary commitment
  • No rental of office space needed
  • No expensive telephone / call costs
  • No hefty concierge service fees
  • No employment contract, payroll or HMRC required

Reliable Service

  • All personal assistants are all experienced and trained
  • All suppliers are handpicked and vetted by our team
  • Be protected by our moneyback guarantee
  • Quick turnaround
  • Holiday, maternity and sickness cover

UK & Local

  • Created and staffed in the UK
  • Get local help and knowledge

About us:

Sooqini is the UK's safe place to get stuff done. Our team of experienced experts of 20,000 local people are available to get any tasks and errands done at your price.

Every person's skills are vetted and rated.

We are a funded business led by an experienced team and supported by the UKTI.

Creating Jobs
in the UK

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We will respond to you via phone or email very shortly.

Mini Tasks

These are quick tasks that can be done remotely by our team of experienced PAs. Some examples:

  • Book an appointment
  • Book tickets for tonight
  • Find out who is the cheapest local supplier
  • Find out who are my top influencers on Twitter
  • Send out daily messages through my social media accounts
  • Pick a printer to my specifications and order it for me
  • Find a gift for my friend and have it delivered for me
  • Call local florists and see if they can supply the roses I want for my wedding
  • Manage my schedule so I can free up some time
  • Design an itinerary for my trip

Larger Tasks

These are tasks that typically involve booking people to do work in-person or managing "projects". Some examples:

  • Book a trusted cleaner for 3 hours
  • Organise my 300 business cards and upload the contacts to Outlook
  • Hire bartenders, ushers, promoters for an event
  • Hire 5 flyer distributors to promote my business
  • Hire an accountant with experience in corporation tax
  • Find a web developer to develop a quick prototype in wordpress
  • Find a certified, skilled tradesmen to fix my boiler
  • Get someone to clean out my attic
  • Design a weight-loss plan for me

How much of a load do you want to take off your plate?

  • Silver
    LESS THAN £2 per day
  • Gold
  • Platinum


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